About Us

Vero Tile aims to add life and value to your constructions. Our deep-rooted value system is founded upon our years of experience in the industry working internationally with various clients, in various construction fields.


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What we aim at

Redesigning your interiors or revamping your exteriors does not have to entail time lag anymore because;
Vero Tile believes in delivering products with new trends and technology to our valued customers within a short span of time.

How we started off

Vero Tile foundations bear the burden of hard work by three generations over four decades. Our Grandfather, Sukru Keles, started selling building materials in Kilis, Turkiye in 1960. With diligence and hard work, Keles family continued selling their building materials to Russia in 1998. The sale figures rounded to 1000 products.

By 2005, Keles family planned to start importing their products in to Canada. Onur Keles is in ceramic/porcelain/ marble tile business since 2010. Since then, Canada has been a ground for success and supplies for our marble and ceramic tiles and stones. Continuing this journey, we are now extending our business boundaries to include North America.

Outreach and Distribution

Vero Tile takes pride in boasting about the experience of operating in the markets of Turkey, Russia, and Canada. We are now pleased to announce that we are expanding our expertise in striving for excellence as a dedicated importer and premier supplier of tiles and stones in North America.

We strongly believe that our product quality and delivery time to North-America would also equate our previous quality and transportation standards. Our distribution center is based in Toronto, Canada.

Supply chain and Delivery

Each and every tile and stone we supply is an outcome of dedication and hard work. Our team works devotedly to bring to you the top quality and trendy natural stones and porcelain/ceramic tiles. We not only strive for excellence in design and color of the product but also excel in formats and cuts that serves your needs better. We maintain long term relationships with our manufacturers and steamship lines which ensures our persistent performance in the delivery of products that best suit your budget.

We offer competitive prices and deliver the bestselling pieces at your doorsteps within few days’ time only, anywhere in North America.

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